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A self-proclaimed Satanist, Algarad spent his days making animal sacrifices, ingesting blood, and having orgies in his home. It was not till he was arrested and charged with murder that the nightmare got here to an finish. Algarad coated his face in tattoos and infrequently bathed, repulsing his neighbors.

  • Algarad finally took on the name Pazuzu in 2002, based on KPIX of San Francisco, California.
  • The accounts of his childhood vary significantly relying on who’s telling the story, as noted by the director and producer of “The Devil You Know,” Patricia Gillespie.
  • ‘I think he wished to be a demon and he got here as near being one as any human being might.
  • According to Algarad he was born in California to an single mother and never met his father.
  • They stay within the Spanish-fashion home in Burbank, California.

In 2010 Pazuzu was arrested and charged as an adjunct in the taking pictures dying of Joseph Chandler, a 30-12 months-old legally blind man whose physique was discovered close to a river in neighboring Yadkin County after his mom reported him missing. Later Algarad would ask him so much, he recalled, about whether or not he had killed people. Certainly it is stunning and exhausting to fathom that she was in the house when a number of the worst acts of violence took place. Eventually, the pressure on his mom’s marriage grew to become too great. He himself gave conflicting accounts, telling some that his mother put him into a psychiatric hospital, and denying any history of psychiatric troubles to others. His stepfather and mom sought skilled help when Algarad was about thirteen.

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According to Algarad he was born in California to an single mom and by no means met his father. He mentioned he was raised by his mom and her relations and moved to North Carolina when he was in his teens. Algarad lived in the home together with his girlfriend, Amber Burch, now 29, and mother Cynthia James, 68.

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In 2017, each Burch and Matlock pleaded guilty and were convicted for their roles in the murders. The home stood out within the neighborhood, with its jet-black painted front door. Inside, there have been footage of demons, inverted crosses, animal carcasses, and moldy walls. Before his arrest, Algarad and his home had gained a terrifying notoriety in the neighborhood.

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In 2011 Pazuzu was charged with assaulting his mother, choking her till she couldn’t breathe. A few months later, Burch too was charged with assaulting Cynthia in a separate incident. But police reviews present that the home in Clemmons was becoming an increasingly violent place.

Algarad’s mother, Cynthia, spoke of her son’s psychological health points, which began at a young age. He was recognized with a number of psychological illnesses, including schizophrenia and agoraphobia. Patricia Gillespie, who produced and directed the documentary collection The Devil You Know about Pazuzu Algarad, said it was difficult to get a true grasp of his life, since he often reinvented stories about his childhood.

Not solely was it marred with Satanic symbols and ridden with signs of demonic practices—the house was rank with the stench of urine, body odor, animal feces, and alcohol, very similar to its Satanist owner. Local authorities saved an eye fixed on Algarad after his 2011 conviction. They beforehand issued a search warrant to analyze the backyard of Algarad’s Knob Hill house.

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